2351 Oregon Pike, Suite 102, Lancaster, PA 17601(717) 553-5500


Breakfast Sandwiches - Available all day!

Served on bagel, English muffin, or Thom's artisian bread

- Egg & Cheese
- Bacon, Egg, & Cheese
- Spinach, Eggwhite, & Feta


Bagels & Artisan Breads

Served with nutella, peanut butter, cream cheese or butter


Lunch Sandwiches

Served alone, with cup of soup, or side salad

- Chicken Salad
- Turkey, Bacon, Ranch Melt
- Avocado Smash
- Ham & Cheese Melts
- Autumn Roll Up



Selection changes weekly. Served alone or with side salad or sandwich

- House Soup - Cheeseburger
- Chicken Option
- Vegetarian Option



- Cheddar Bacon
- Cranberry Almond
- Caesar
Served with house made vinaigrettes using balsamic from Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics.


Other Treats

Selection varies

- pastries from Colebrook Bakery include muffins, brownies, cookies, gluten free almond horns, and biscotti
- bagels and scones from Ric's Bread
- treats made in- house include yogurt parfaits, caprese salad, fruit cups, and energy bites